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Once I decided I was going to retire as a jockey and become a racehorse trainer I went to the Magic Millions Sales in Adelaide to purchase a horse.  One of the horses I purchased at this sale was a grey filly which was named “Hermosa”.  Hermosa means beautiful girl in Spanish.  She was educated and broken in and was showing nice ability.  Instead of racing her as a two year old, I decided to give her a spell and bring her back in a few months time once she had grown into herself a bit more.  Let her tell me when she was ready.

My best racehorse “Hermosa” was seriously injured in a paddock accident whilst she was spelling when she was a 2 year old.  She hadn’t yet raced but I knew she had ability.  I rushed her to the vet for treatment and called to let them know we were on our way.  The veterinarians gave me no option but to put her to sleep.  I was totally devastated.  I had to ask if there were any other options.  I quickly made some enquiries and found a much more positive vet who gave us some options.  This vet gave me a quote to assess the horse and told me this may result in him also advising that euthanasia was the best option.  But he also gave me a quote for surgery as an option and let me know the success rate of the horse surviving the surgery was only a 50/50 chance and that we would need to operate within 24 hours post injury.  I travelled my horse interstate overnight for life saving surgery.

Hermosa underwent life saving surgery and survived.  The vets advised that my horse would never race and said the best result for her would be to become a broodmare.  Once I got the horse home I found it extremely difficult to find information and help on how I could get the full range of movement back in her hind leg.  I wanted to give my horse the best chance of rehabilitation so she could live her life, have a purpose and maybe become a racehorse.  This led me to discover Equinology and so I began my new journey studying their courses which has enabled me to start my own business, M A Equine Services.  My passion for horses and my experiences will ensure the success of the business and Hermosa is living proof.  Hermosa not only recovered well but she eventually became a racehorse and she won a race!!!

The future is very exciting and my dream is to develop my own property with facilities for clients to come to me for a session.  I would also like to take on rehabilitation and post surgery cases to assist owners in providing a 24/7 service at a cost effective rate until their equine friends are ready to return home.  Finally I hope to inspire and educate other horse lovers on how to provide the best care for their horses by hosting educational courses at the facility.  The facility will be named in honour of the horse who has given me everything in life, “Hermosa Park”.